Bank Advantage Program
Banks & Credit Unions Save Their Customers Over 40% On Their Business
Banking Supplies While Earning Commissions ~ That's The Advantage
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How Do I Earn Commissions?

Our Program Gives You The Benefit Of Earning Commissions
While Your Clients Save Money ~ It’s a Win Win® Bank Advantage helps you earn a 15% commission on a wide variety of qualifying products. The best part is you don’t have to take the order! Just simply refer your clients to us along with your bank code, and we’ll take it from there. You get the commission on all your customers orders and reorders, while we do all of the work.

Qualifying Commissionable Products:

How Do I Know How Much Commission I've Earned?

Once you have registered online to become a bank affiliate you can track your commissionable sales through your account management page. You can also access information on orders, reorders, shipments.

How Often Do I Get Paid?® pays banks on a quarterly basis. Once you have earned a minimum of $25 in commission, we will mail you a detailed commission report along with your check. If your commission for the quarter is less than $25, the total amount you earned will be carried over to the next quarter until you have met or exceeded that minimum amount.